Reduce your AWS spend by scaling down resources during off hours

A developer-first managed service for scheduling cloud resources with ChatOps and API integration

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Pay per use

No up-front fees. First $100/month savings for free. Never pay for more than you have saved with us.

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Developer first

ChatOps -based workflows and API access puts your developers in control of their resources. Manage schedules directly from Slack/Teams, or build your own integration with our API.

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Most supported AWS services

With 10 planned AWS services supported at launch, and another 8 on the roadmap, has the most comprehensive selection of supported AWS services.

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Shutdown your resources when your workforce is not working. Save up-to 70% on associated costs.

Pay for resources when you use them
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Pay-as-you-save pricing

  • Free tier: First $100/month of savings for free.
  • No fixed fees. Pay only based on what you save.
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Developer first

  • ChatOps -based actions with Slack or Teams. Defer or cancel shutdown with a click of a button.
  • API for e.g integration to CI/CD pipelines.
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Slack Integration
AWS services

10 supported AWS services

  • EC2, ECS, EBS, RDS and more supported at first.
  • Support for 8 more services planned.
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